5 Handy Benefits for Using Blue Vinyl Gloves in the Kitchen

Hygiene is very important when it comes to handling food, particularly when you’re working in a restaurant or hotel kitchen. With such dangers as food poisoning and other illnesses that are related to contamination and poor hygiene, it’s simply not worth the risk! 

This is why it is so important to have access to blue vinyl gloves for hygiene. They’re comfortable, easy to use and they come with a whole host of other surprising benefits that you might not have considered! In this post, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of using such gloves in the workplace. 

1 – No More Tears 

Have you ever chopped up a jalapeno or chili pepper without any gloves on? It’s all well and good for a few minutes until you get distracted and rub your eyes! The beautiful thing about wearing vinyl gloves, however, is that not only can you avoid any burning sensation on the skin, but you won’t have to worry about rubbing chili in your eyes, nose, or any other sensitive areas. Simply dispose of your gloves after use and pop on a fresh pair! 

2 – Tossing the Salad 

The best tool for tossing salad, is your hands, though of course, you don’t want to be doing so without any gloves on. The spread of germs is all too easy without the appropriate protection. However, with gloves on you’ll be able to freely toss your salad, pour the dressing on and distribute it evenly throughout the greenery. Perfect! 

3 – Odour Free 

The smell of fish and garlic and other potent odours always clings to your hands after coming into contact with them. This can easily be avoided by using blue vinyl gloves in the kitchen. It’s rather simple, just do what you need to do and dispose of the gloves afterward. That way you can finish work without taking the smells home with you! 

4 – Better Grip 

Struggling to open one of those pesky jars? Rather than risk emasculating yourself and asking for help from someone stronger than you, pop on some vinyl gloves and give it another go! They’re grippy and will allow you to grab and twist without slipping and looking painfully weak. 

5 – Separating Egg Yolks 

There’s nothing worse than trying to separate the yolk of an egg and getting your hands all messy and sticky. That’s where the gloves come in! Not only are they essential for hygiene and keeping the spread of germs and bay, but you can easily separate egg yolks without having to get your hands messy. 

There are plenty of online disposable gloves suppliers for you to choose from, so you should never have to work in a kitchen without them. You can even use them at home as well and take full advantage of their benefits. Make sure that you are well stocked and that your chefs have access to plenty of disposables. This will allow them to work freely in the kitchen, keeping it a safe, germ-free environment absent the risk of cross-contamination.