5 Electrical Safety Tips Everyone Should Know and Follow

You don’t need a reputable electrical company to tell you how electricity is arguably the greatest invention of all time (aside from sliced bread of course). With it, we have been able to achieve the most incredible things. We can keep our homes warm without the need of building a fire; we can eat hot food every evening using our microwaves and ovens, and we can sit and stream our favourite shows on Netflix using our giant 60” televisions. Electricity is quite literally, buzzing! 

Though while electricity has afforded us so much in the way of technological progress and enjoyment, it doesn’t come without its risks. In fact, often, people get a little too comfortable and reliant that they forget just how dangerous electricity can be! Particularly when handled carelessly. 

In this post, we’re going to share 5 simple and easy electrical safety tips that everyone should know and follow. Stick to these guidelines and you will be able to keep yourself and your family safe from harm whilst using electrical appliances in the home. 

1 – Always Replace Damaged Power Cords 

As soon as you spot a wire with any exposed wiring, then you must replace it immediately. There is always the option of repairing the wire yourself, however, we would certainly not recommend it. It’s always better to either replace it or call for a qualified electrician to assist you. 

2 – Replace Extension Cords with New Outlets 

Extension cords can be very helpful; however, they should be seen as a means-to-an-end as opposed to a permanent solution. If you have to regularly rely on using extension cords, then you should consider hiring an electrician to install some new outlets in the key areas where power is needed. The reason for this is because extension cables can be a trip hazard and they look plain untidy. 

3 – Try to Avoid Overloading Your Sockets 

A bad habit that people tend to form is overloading sockets with old power strips in order to have as many appliances going at once. This is not advisable. Alternatively, you should invest in some surge-proof and power-saving strips instead. This will be far safer than carelessly bunging half of the electrical appliances in the house into one socket. 

4 – Keep Your Appliances Away from Water 

OK, so this might seem like we’re trying to teach you to suck eggs, but it’s always worth reminding people. Even the slightest drop of water can be catastrophic, so avoid placing any appliances near water at all costs. If you spill something near an appliance, switch the mains off immediately. Never take unnecessary risks when handling electrical appliances and water. 

5 – Tamper-Resistant Plugs – Always 

Particularly if you have any small children in your house, you should invest in some tamper-resistant plugs. Children are curious little creatures and will gladly stick whatever they can find into any exposed outlets. It’s easy to forget about this, though it’s definitely worth considering, especially if a friend or a family member has a baby on the way. Be prepared!