10 Easy Travel Tips: How to Make Your Journey More Comfortable

Let’s be honest, as great as going on holiday is, the travelling part isn’t exactly the most exciting. Whether you like flying or not, being cooped up on a plane for hours at a time can be incredibly uncomfortable. The good news is, that with these easy travel tips, you can make your journey all the more comfortable. Read on if you’d like to learn more! 

1 – Bring an eye mask 

Whether travelling at night or during the day, if you’d prefer to sleep your way through the bulk of the journey an eye mask can make all the difference. Not only will a mask give your eyes a little snuggle, but simulating total darkness can help your body to produce more melatonin which promotes relaxation, thus making it easier for you to fall asleep. 

2 – Get yourself a travel pillow 

Trying to get comfortable and fall asleep on an aeroplane and shuttle bus can feel like a towering impossibility – particularly if you find yourself sitting next to total strangers. However, with a travel pillow that hooks around your neck, nodding off is easy! That, and the extra support for your neck can help to alleviate any aches and pains after a long journey. 

3 – Buy some noise-cancelling headphones 

Noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for travelling as they can help to block out most of the surrounding noise while also allowing you to listen to some music. Put together a soothing playlist or play one of your favourite audiobooks and you’ll be able to drift off into your own little world absent disturbance. 

4 – Don’t eat a huge meal before you fly 

It’s always tempting to enjoy a hearty meal at one of the restaurants at the airport but be mindful of having a big meal before you fly. Eating too much and then sitting on a plane for hours can make you feel very uncomfortable, not to mention the impact that high-sodium food can have on your hydration levels. 

A light snack to tide you over is always recommended – particularly if you plan to try and sleep comfortably on the plane. 

5 – Try to have a snooze before you watch the in-flight movies 

In the excitement, you may be tempted to watch some movies and TV shows as soon as you get on the flight, but we’d recommend waiting. The blue light from your devices and the plane TV can make it much harder for you to switch off and fall asleep – as such, sleeping first and then enjoying a movie or two towards the latter part of your flight is a much better alternative. 

6 – Bring a good book 

Whether you’re an avid reader or not, flying is always the perfect time to get stuck into a good book. If you don’t have one to take with you drop into one of the stores at the airport and find something that catches your eye! 

Reading is a great way to pass the time – plus an even better way to unwind and help you to fall asleep easier. 

In addition to that, reading is a great habit to get into – particularly when you are travelling. Being able to put your phone down and pick up a good book while you’re sunbathing by the swimming pool or on the beach is unbeatable! 

7 – Pack some travel toiletries 

Pack yourself some travel-size toiletries to keep in your hand luggage. Just make sure that they are under the limit so that you don’t end up having to throw them away before you get onto the plane. 

Having a little refreshment pack can be great for long-haul flights. The recycled air on a plane dries out the skin so having some moisturiser can help to make you feel more comfortable. Not only that, but being able to nip to the loo and brush your teeth / clean your armpits and tenders with some wet wipes can work wonders for making you feel that little bit more comfortable after having been in transit for ages. 

8 – Wear cosy clothing 

When you are travelling, all fashion and style should go completely out the window! Your last concern should be looking good. Instead, wear clothes that are comfortable above all else. 

Wear loose-fitting clothing, compression socks, and anything else that can make you feel at ease. Avoid anything with buttons and zips that can pinch and poke you when sitting down. 

Sure, a loose t-shirt, some slacks, and a pair of things might not look the part, but they will certainly feel it. 

9 – Get up and stretch your legs

Don’t stay seated for the entirety of your flight. Yes, it can be a bit awkward if you are wedged in by a complete stranger – especially if they spend most of the flight asleep – but don’t be afraid to wake them if you feel like you could really do with getting up out of your seat and stretching your legs. 

Walk up and down the plane and find a quiet spot to do some stretches. This will help you stay healthy while flying and get the blood flowing, alleviate any aches, and ultimately give you something to do to kill some time! 

10 – Book an airport transfer service 

Make the last leg of your journey that little bit easier by booking an airport transfer service. When you’ve pre-booked in advance, you can relax in the knowledge that as soon as you touch down at the airport, the final stretch is all taken care of. For example, if you’re heading to Port Douglas from Cairns Airport, a shuttle bus service can be waiting for you directly outside the terminal and drop you off at your accommodation. Knowing that this is already arranged will make the journey all the more comfortable – as it’s one less thing to worry about! Plus, sitting in an air-conditioned shuttle bus while you kick back and enjoy the view can’t hurt!

10 Easy Travel Tips: How to Make Your Journey More Comfortable

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